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To Beyond Your Expectations


Assalaamu alaykum Waragmatullahi wabarakaatu staff of Jasmine's Travel,

I left for Umrah on 18th December 2016 and will be leaving for Cape Town tomorrow 9th January 2017 bi-ithnillah.
I was supposedly on a 'budget' trip but believe me nothing was 'budget' at all. All hotels were of a very high standard in Jerusalem, Jordan, Madina and Makka subhanallah. The food in Jerusalem and Jordan were fresh and tasty and one could eat as much as you wanted. In Makka we were in self catering rooms with full crockery, washing machines, washing lines and pure white fluffy towels with very comfortable beds. And large fridges, stoves and kettles.
In both Madina and Makka we were closer to the harams than those who opted for more expensive hotels algamdullilah.

Jasmine I must tell you that your daughter Faieka is the most hardworking , professional, calm and sweet Ya Allah young woman I have ever met. I was fortunate enough to share a room with her for a week.
I have grown to love her as my own daughter. Allah protect her and her kids always and grant them all success dunya and aagira ameen thumma ameen.
May your business increase that you become the top agent in all provinces and may your children take the business forward and keep the high standard that their mother always produced. Ameen.

Afeeffa Ismail
Mu'tamireen 18 December 2016

Assalaamu Alaykum

Hope all is settled at home already, enjoying the family company.
Firstly Jst a message of appreciation to Aunty Yasmine & Faieka Shukran for taking me and making me part of the Umrah groups a favour and blessing I can never repay. And experiences never to forget.
Then Shukran for the awesome group your companionship made a mark in.my heart,

May Allah allow us to have many journeys together.
Umrah Maqboolah

yes algamdulilla they did good and we Thank yasmine's travel from the bottom of our heart's for excellent planning and knowledgeable guides, well done !!!!!!
May you grow from strength to strength and serve many more guests of Allah.

Ameen thumma Ameen

Salaam Faried,

Shukran for the effort you put in. I will surely keep you all in my duahs for speedily arranging my travel arrangements. Algamdulilah. This really mean a lot to me. All I would wish for Yasmines Travels is to go from strength to strength. The Honest and open relationship I experienced for the past years of dealing with you all is seldom witnessed elsewhere. The extra mile Yasmines Travels go to satisfy a client`s query and concern speaks volumes of the character of all involved to make the travel of each and every client a memorable one.

Shukran again to you all.
Wasalaam ,
Rashied Manuel.

Thank you & Have A Nice Day

Kind Regards
Rashied Manuel

Salaam to you, 

Firstly I wish to thank you all for making the travel of my Wife , Koelsum Manuel , son Fahiem Manuel and Mother – in – law Mareldia Abbas such a spiritually and memorable travel. Shukran for all the arrangements from Cape Town to Saudia Arabia and back. The smooth and uninterrupted travel movements for our Mother of 89 years only goes to show you deliver exactly what you promised from the first inception of when the deposit was paid till when the travel documents were handed over timeously. May your Agency only go from strength to strength Insha-Allah. 
Wasalaam, Rashied Manuel. 

Kind Regards 
Rashied Manuel 

To Yasmine

Shukran for wonderful service rendered. May Allah grant you health and strength to continue with your excellent service.

Imaam Shahied & Adielah