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Yasmine's Travel Cape Town

Yasmine's Travel, a Cape Town based travel agency has been servicing the Corporate, Leisure, Hajj and Umrah markets for a number of years with travel arrangements to World-wide Destinations as well as providing First Class, Top Quality Accommodation.

Yasmine’s Travel’s owners, management and staff with more than 50 years of travel experience have catered for the predominantly historically disadvantaged business and leisure communities which has enabled them to fine-tune their service offering to far beyond the current market standards.

Yasmine’s Travel’s growth into the Corporate Commercial Market has been a result of the need that exists for an efficient and professional travel service that has the flexibility and quality to meet and exceed the standards in the arrangement of business travel.

Its current clients include nationally established business’ as well as government departments who use Yasmine’s Travel services.


The company’s vision is to expand its services to the commercial corporate sector by providing:

  • A tailor-made, hassle free travel and travel management service.
  • A total travel solution to companies so that their businesses can focus on their core competencies and use their staff more efficiently.
  • An efficient and cost effective travel service in line with the quality and standards that businesses uphold. 

Where are we?

505 Lansdowne Road
Lansdowne 7780

T: (021) 762 - 4240
F: (021) 762 - 5520

W: http://www.yasminestravel.co.za
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet the Team

Jasmine Martin
Managing Director
C: 082 548 3303

Faieka Sandan
Office Co-ordinator
C: 083 996 7855
Faried Wassung
C: 082 519 9648

Yazeed Sandan