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New Saudi Arabian visa costs have been revised. Speak to our consultants for more info.


Children under 18 not allowed to travel without unabridged birth certificate  

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Yasmine's Travel, a Cape Town based travel agency has been servicing the Corporate, Leisure, Hajj and Umrah markets for a number of years with travel arrangements to world-wide destinations as well as providing First Class, Top Quality accomodation.

Yasmine's Travel's owners, management and staff with more than 30 years of travel experience have created for the predominantly, historically disadvantaged business and leisure communities which has enabled them to fine-tune their service offering to far beyond the current market standards.






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 Urgent Notice:

Effective as of 14th Febrauary 2018. The Saudi  government will implement and enforce  a 5% Municipality fee.

The new tax will be applied to all existing and future hotel rates and other services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How does this fee affect potential Hujaaj.

This fee is over and above fees that has already impacted packages:

V.A.T implemented in January 2018 and the increase of petrol costs in Saudi

Hence please be alert to possibility of current packages released having to be adjusted by operators to accomodate this new fee imposed by Kingdom of Saudi today.

You are all our Hujaaj and our hearts feels it with the Guests of Allah SWT  that the costs of Hadj has become this expensive.

May Allah SWT remove all obstacles and fill your lives with baraqa in order to afford these packages no matter these increases. Only in Allah SWT do we trust. Ameen



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